How Do T-Mobile Plans and Rates Compare With Those of Verizon Wireless?


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As of April 2015 Verizon Wireless plans are less expensive than T-Mobile plans for larger families and for people who only use their phones for talking and texting. However, T-Mobile plans are cheaper in some cases for customers who have heavy data-usage requirements.

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How Do T-Mobile Plans and Rates Compare With Those of Verizon Wireless?
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Verizon charges $40 monthly per line for users on its More Everything plan, compared to $50 per line for T-Mobile's Simple Choice plan. However, the price for Verizon service does not include high-speed data charges, while the T-Mobile Simple Choice plan includes 1 gigabyte of high-speed data monthly. Verizon's shared data-access plans cost an additional $50 for 3 gigabytes of high-speed data monthly and $60 for 4 gigabytes.

In contrast, T-Mobile has 3- and 5-gigabyte plans for $60 and $70, as well as the option for unlimited high-speed data for $80 a month. This makes T-Mobile a more cost-effective choice for people who use a lot of data, especially since it is not shared across all the lines on the plan. If a person reaches the cap of his data plan, T-Mobile drops his data rate to a much lower speed but does not charge him any fees.

Verizon offers some discounts for plans with multiple lines that make its plans more attractive for larger families, especially if the family does not need much data access. Using Verizon's Edge cell phone payment plan allows for a discount of $15 or $25 monthly, depending on whether the associated data plan is 6 gigabytes per month or larger. However, payments for the device itself sometimes offset these savings.

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