What Are Some AT&T Family Plans for IPhones?


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The 10-gigabyte data plan with unlimited talking and texting is one of the family plans AT&T offers for iPhones. AT&T also offers a 20-gigabyte plan with the same Talk and Text feature.

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As of 2015, all family plans that AT&T offers include unlimited talking and texting regardless of which data package the customer selects. These plans also include free international texting to almost all major countries where texts can be sent or received. The few countries not included are Cuba, Iraq and North Korea.

All family packages include tethering at no extra cost. However, there is an additional cost of $15 for an extra gigabyte of data in the event that the phone user exceeds his allotted monthly data. Unused data transfer to the following month at no additional cost.

The largest data package allowed for personal family plans is 50 gigabytes. Connected wearables and tablet devices on the plan only cost an extra $10 each month. All family plans that exceed eight gigabytes cost an extra $15 for each smartphone attached to the plan. Netbooks, laptops and hotspots require an additional $20. AT&T also offers a selection tool to help phone users decide which plan best meets their needs.

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