What Are the AT&T Cell Tower Locations?

What Are the AT&T Cell Tower Locations?

AT&T has cell towers in most of the United States' largest metropolitan areas, such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Houston. AT&T also has cell towers in Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, Boston and Washington, D.C.

One AT&T cell tower in New York City is on 811 Tenth Avenue in Manhattan. Another AT&T cell tower is located on 49-01 25th Avenue in Queens. Brooklyn has two AT&T cell towers, one on 832 Lexington Avenue and another on 303 Stanley Avenue.

The AT&T cell tower that is closest to downtown Los Angeles is on 420 South Grand Avenue. There is an AT&T tower on 2055 Avenue of the Stars, which is near Beverly Hills. AT&T also has three cell towers on the grounds of Los Angeles International Airport, southwest of the city's downtown area.

The two AT&T cell towers that are closest to downtown Chicago are on 10 South Canal Street and 611 West Roosevelt Road. One AT&T cell tower is located at O'Hare International Airport, with several more AT&T towers in the airport's vicinity. Another AT&T tower is on 5757 West 59th Street, just outside of Midway International Airport.

Downtown Dallas has two AT&T towers, on 208 South Akard Street and 936 South Jamar. Two other AT&T towers near downtown Dallas are on 535 South Industrial Boulevard and 3306 Roseland Avenue. One of the AT&T towers in downtown Houston is on 1407 Jefferson Street.