What Is the AT&T AutoPay Program?


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AT&T's AutoPay program is an automatic bill payment option that transfers funds from the user's account electronically. The funds are automatically taken out of the user's bank account or credit/debit card every month.

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Automatic payment begins four to six weeks after enrollment. Payments are made normally until AutoPay kicks in, which is indicated at the top of the billing statement. The automatic payment date cannot be changed, but the user can cancel his next payment date and make a one-time payment.

To enroll in AutoPay, go to the AT&T webpage, and select the Enroll in AutoPay option. If the user has multiple accounts, he can select the Customize My AutoPay enrollment option to choose which accounts he wants to enroll for automatic payments. For a new account, the user selects the New Checking/Savings Account or New Credit/Debit Card option. The user then fills out all of the information on the prompted questions. Once completed, the information is automatically sent out.

Most actions or updates are performed from the Manage AutoPay page. From this page, the user updates the expiration date on his payment card, updates his bank account information, uses a different debit or credit card, cancels his next automatic payment, or stops automatic payments.

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