What Are the Best Free AT&T Apps?


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Some of the best free AT&T apps include AT&T Locker, Evernote and Shazam. These apps are all available for free in the AT&T app store and compatible with most AT&T phones.

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AT&T Locker is the company’s signature cloud-based storage service. Using AT&T Locker, users can store and access data across a variety of devices, with 5 gigabytes of storage offered for free. Users with a Mobile Share Value service plan can access up to 50 gigabytes of storage. The service is available for iPhones, Androids and Windows Phones, as well as iOS and Android tablets.

Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking apps available for smartphones. The program allows users to take text, audio and image-based notes, all of which are stored to Evernote’s cloud-based storage service. Users can access notes from computers or other mobile devices, all for free. The program also allows users to organize notes into different searchable folders.

Shazam allows users to learn the title and artist of a song by simply holding a phone up to the sound source. The app can identify most popular songs by listening to a few seconds of audio. Shazam lets users save tagged songs and offers convenient links to digital downloads. Users can also explore new music using Shazam’s radio service.

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