How Do You Sync an RCA Universal Remote Without a Code Search Button?

An RCA universal remote control can be synced using its automatic code search feature. This process may require a bit of trial and error before the remote gets synced properly with the target component.

The following shows the basic steps in programming an RCA universal remote using the automatic code search feature.

  1. Begin the sync
  2. After turning on the target component, press and release the button on the remote that corresponds with the particular component. For example, if the target component is a television, press "TV." The "ON-OFF" button should light up if done correctly.

  3. Press more sync buttons
  4. Press and the component and "ON-OFF" buttons simultaneously. The "ON-OFF" button light will turn off and then back on again. Release the buttons.

  5. Finish up
  6. Press the "PLAY" button until the component turns off. Press the "REVERSE" button and the component should turn on. Press and release "STOP" to save the settings.