How Do You Sync an IPhone to a New Computer?

How Do You Sync an IPhone to a New Computer?

Apple makes it easy to sync an iPhone to a new computer using iTunes. With iTunes, you can choose to sync your content either automatically or manually. You can even sync content over Wi-Fi if you use the newest versions of iTunes and iOS.

  1. Download iTunes

    Go to, and search for iTunes. After downloading iTunes, install the program on your computer. Open iTunes after installation.

  2. Connect your device

    Connect your iPhone to the computer using the USB cable that came with your device. If you do not have the cable, connect to iTunes using Wi-Fi if both devices share the same network. After enabling Wi-Fi Sync in the iTunes and iPhone options, your iPhone should appear in iTunes.

  3. Configure the sync

    Click the Devices button in the upper-right corner of iTunes to reveal a list of tabs. These tabs correspond to the content on your iPhone. If your phone does not have corresponding content, iTunes does not display those tabs. Configure the content for each tab. For example, add movies to the Movies tab.

  4. Sync the iPhone

    Press the Apply button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Give iTunes some time to sync the files before disconnecting the phone.