How Do You Sync Your Android Phone?


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Syncing email, calendar dates and contacts on an Android phone happens automatically using Google's servers, but other files such as music must be synced separately. This can be achieved using third-party software, such as Dropbox.

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Android phones are connected to Google's servers after initial setup. This means that any Google-related files, including Google Documents, Gmail and Google Calendar, are automatically synced. If the user has another Android phone linked to the same account, or if his existing phone requires a factory reset, these files are automatically synced with the new phone.

While this automatic syncing is turned on by default, there may be occasions where it is turned off. To enable automatic syncing, go to Settings and then Accounts & Sync. Under the Manage Accounts section, make sure the Contacts, Gmail and Calendar features are enabled.

There are several examples of software that can sync files on an Android device, although some of these aren't free. Dropbox is one of the most popular examples and works with most phone operating systems, including Android. After setting up an account with Dropbox, the user can choose which folders to sync from his Android device. Another example of file-syncing software is File Expert, which uses FTP to upload files and share them from a user's phone.

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