What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Color Wheel on a Samsung DLP?

The symptoms of a bad color wheel on a Samsung DLP include whining sounds and grinding noises that grow in volume and intensity as the wheel's bearings fail. These noises are often accompanied by a "Lamp Replacement" error message on the DLP's front panel. Other symptoms of color wheel failure include degraded picture quality and inaccurate color rendering.

The Samsung DLP color wheel is a replaceable part that rotates up to 10,000 times a minute while the television is on. Once the symptoms of failure appear, replacement is the only solution.

The replacement procedure takes roughly two hours and does not usually require professional intervention. However, individuals with poor eyesight and those who experience difficulty following complex instructions often find it helpful to have their color wheels replaced by a professional.

Replacing a failed color wheel is time consuming and costs several hundred dollars. Before purchasing a new color wheel or scheduling a professional service appointment, verify that the problem is the color wheel, not the internal lamp bulb. Bulb replacement is inexpensive, takes five minutes and requires only a new bulb and a crosshead screwdriver. The procedure is also an excellent opportunity to visually identify the nearby color wheel in preparation for eventual replacement.