How Do You Switch Your Keyboard to Russian Letters?


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To switch your keyboard to the Russian alphabet in Windows 7, download the Russian language pack through the Windows Update section in the Control Panel, and change the keyboard input method. Alternatively, use an online service such as TypeIt.org to automatically convert typed content to the Cyrillic script.

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To download the necessary language pack, press the Windows key, click on Control Panel in the Start menu, and click on the Change Keyboards or Other Input Methods link. If you can’t see that link, click on the Region and Language link, and open the Keyboards and Languages tab. Click on the Change Keyboards button, click on Add, check the box next to the Russian option, and click OK.

After Windows downloads the necessary files, change the language to Russian by selecting the RU option in the language bar, and activate the virtual keyboard via the Start menu. Click on All Programs, open the Accessories folder, open the Ease of Access folder, and select the On-Screen Keyboard option. Click on any text field, and use the mouse pointer to type Russian letters if the virtual keyboard ignores your keyboard strokes.

To use the Russian alphabet via an online service, navigate to TypeIt.org, click on Russian, type the desired content in the text field by using your keyboard or clicking on the letters of the virtual keyboard layout, mark the content, and then copy and paste it.

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