What Support Services Does Microsoft Offer for Its Excel Package?


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Microsoft offers help and support for all of its products at its brand and product websites; this help includes extensive FAQs, demonstrations and access to live support. Microsoft provides online support via the Web for Excel as well as the full Office suite.

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What Support Services Does Microsoft Offer for Its Excel Package?
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Microsoft's official support for its Office suite, which includes Excel, features how-to articles, free training, video demos and tutorials, as well as the ability to manage purchases and subscriptions to services such as Office 365. While most of the available services are self-help ones, which focus on providing information and guidance to allow users to solve their own issues, personalized interaction is available for those who have more trouble with using the Internet via the Answer Desk.

As well as Microsoft's own support functions, the Excel-using community online has created a plethora of support sites that allow users to find out how to perform more esoteric functions and work around some of the quirks of the program that can prevent intuitive use. This includes the regular blogs from the Excel support team featured at Technet.com. These give hints and tips at all levels, featuring topics such as backward compatibility and workarounds for issues caused by patches and updates.

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