What Are the Supplies for Building a Laptop?


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Building a laptop requires numerous parts: a wireless card, a graphics card, a hard drive, memory and CPU plus a base laptop. This bare-bones or shell laptop is needed because there are a few standard components, mainly the motherboard, optical drive and LCD screen, that are nearly impossible to replace.

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When it is time to assemble the components and build the laptop, it is also necessary to have needle-nose pliers and a set of magnetic Phillips-tip screwdrivers of varying sizes. It is also a good idea to have bags or some other container for storing the small screws as they are removed.

The motherboard is the most important thing to consider when purchasing the shell laptop because all of the various components need to be compatible with it. It isn't always easy to find components for some of the less common laptop brands, so it may be necessary to purchase them directly from the manufacturer.

Deciding which of the various hard drives, graphics cards, RAM and other components to use in the laptop depends on how it is going to be used. For instance, gaming laptops require much better graphics than laptops used mostly for programming or Web design. One advantage of building a laptop instead of buying a prebuilt one is that many of the components are relatively cheap, so it is often possible to get a much better computer for the same or even less money.

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