What Are Some Suggestions for Creating an Email Address?

suggestions-creating-email-address Credit: Gregor Schuster/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

An email address should represent a person professionally and refrain from using private information that can be used to steal an identity or lead to discrimination, such as a year of birth or a nickname. According to the experts at CAREEREALISM, an unprofessional email address can hinder a person during the job search process or even offend someone who does not understand the humor intended with a play on words.

When creating an email address, avoid using numbers or letters that could indicate age, marital status, admission of children, such as "mommy1971@email.com," gender or religious preference. Safeguarding identity and professionalism at the same time is important when creating an email address. To avoid confusion for recipients, it helps to avoid email IDs with an underscore, period or long set of numbers. Keep the address simple so people can remember how to get in touch through email. Free mail servers, such as Gmail, Yahoo! and Microsoft allow you to create a personal and professional email profile; however, it may be necessary to include a number if the chosen email address is taken. If you own a domain or have an email subscription service, it may be simpler to generalize the address, such as info@myconsultingbusiness.com.