What Makes Suddenlink Basic Cable Cost Effective?

What Makes Suddenlink Basic Cable Cost Effective?

Suddenlink's basic cable package includes features that are included in premium services by other satellite and cable providers. The company also does not require customers to sign a contract, so they are free to terminate services if they wish.

Many service providers charge a premium for receivers that are also digital recorders. In addition to charging a premium for digital recorders, they also charge an additional fee for each television that has access to digital recordings. Suddenlink service provides DVR service in up to three rooms without an additional fee. Netflix is also built into the Tivo DVR system used by Suddenlink. This is an exclusive offering of Suddenlink.

Netflix is an online subscription service that also provides movies and television programming. Tivo also allows customers to stream television programming anywhere within their house. Additionally, Suddenlink makes it possible for customers to access movies and television shows from multiple types of devices, including mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Another feature of Suddenlink programming that makes it cost effective is its free high definition channels. Some cable and satellite providers charge an additional fee for access to high definition channels.

Suddenlink was founded in 2003 and has headquarters in North Carolina and Texas. Its services are available in several states, mostly in the southwestern United States.