Is There Such a Thing As a Free Wi-Fi Internet Connection?


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Free Wi-Fi is offered at a number of different locations, including restaurants such as Starbucks and McDonald's. Some local community libraries as well as hotels and community parks offer free Wi-Fi Internet access.

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There are a number of free tools available online that allow people to search for places offering free Wi-Fi Internet access. Just about every smartphone, tablet and portable computer automatically finds and identifies wireless portals that are within a certain range of the device. There is an on-screen indication that lets the user know how strong the available connection is. While some Wi-Fi locations offer automatic login without a password, some hot spots do require the user to know a password before accessing the connection.

Additionally, some companies offer free Wi-Fi Internet access for their customers. Also, smartphone users can tether their phone to connect to free Wi-Fi Internet. Users have to know how to properly prepare their phone beforehand, but once it's complete, users always have a Wi-Fi Internet connection. There are coupons available from time to time for customers to find vouchers for Wi-Fi Internet for certain hot spot locations throughout their town. Some businesses also offer reward programs for their customers, which include access to free Wi-Fi Internet.

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