Is There Such a Thing As Text Message Etiquette?


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Texting etiquette exists as a set of rules and tips to follow when sending texts to avoid hurting the feelings of others. These rules include the too many texts rule, the rule on texting important messages, the other people factor, keeping the texts simple and that a reply is not always necessary. Other tips include double checking the message and the recipient, selectively using text slang such as LOL, and not texting when driving.

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The number of texts a person can safely send to another depends on the relationship between the two, the subject matter and timing of the texts. A person should consider the number of times he can comfortably call the other person and perceive every text as a call to the person. Do not use texts to deliver critical messages such as major life events or important work issues. If a person has to text when in the presence of others, offer a brief explanation. Keep messages simple, to the point and easy to comprehend.

The recipient is free to choose whether to reply and the medium of response. He can elect to call or text back. Before sending a text, always verify the recipient and proofread the message. Do not use text slang with every recipient or in every text. Do not text when driving to avoid causing accidents.

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