How Do You Subtract Dates in Excel?


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To subtract dates in Excel, simply enter the following formula: "=A3-A2", assuming that cells A3 and A2 contain the dates that need to be subtracted. This will output the difference between the two dates, expressed in days.

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Excel also allows one to compute this difference expressed in workdays, months or years. The expression "=NETWORKDAYS(A2,A3)" will calculate the number of working days between two dates. The difference in months will be given by the formula: "=MONTH(A3)-MONTH(A2)", if the two dates fall in the same year. If they are more than a year apart, the expression needs to be changed to: "=(YEAR(A4)-YEAR(A3))*12+MONTH(A4)-MONTH(A3)". Finally, the difference in years can be computed using the following formula: "=YEAR(A3)-YEAR(A2)".

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