How Do You Submit Truth or Fiction Questions to the Truth or Fiction Website?


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To submit truth or fiction questions to the Truth or Fiction website, send an email with your question to question@truthorfiction.com. If your question has been previously answered by the site, you receive an automatic reply email directing you to the appropriate question on the website. If the question has not been previously answered, be prepared to wait for several days for a response, as the email account receives hundreds of questions daily.

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Truth or Fiction is a fact-checking site for rumors, hoaxes, and urban legends. After receiving a question, the website's staff researches the question, then provides an answer that may be classified as Truth, Fiction, Disputed, Truth & Fiction, Mostly Truth or other variations.

The site's visitors are primarily American, but other English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and India also contribute greater than 1 percent each of the website's traffic, according to Alexa.com. Additionally, males are over-represented on the site and females are under-represented.

TruthorFiction.com is one of a number of urban myth and rumor-checking sites available on the Internet. The site's closest equivalent and competitor is Snopes.com, although Hoax-Slayer.com is a similar resource.

TruthorFiction.com was founded by Christian radio talk show host Rich Buhler in 1999.

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