How Do You Submit Your Site to a Search Engine?

How Do You Submit Your Site to a Search Engine?

Creating and publishing your site automatically submits it to the major search engines. However, if the site does not show up after a few days, you can submit your website URL to Google or Bing using their webmaster tools. This process requires a browser and an Internet-ready computer.

  1. Open a browser

    Open your Web browser, and navigate to the Google and Bing websites in two separate tabs. Type "webmaster tools" without quotes in the URL search field. Click the webmaster tool link for each search engine.

  2. Use the Webmaster Tools

    On the Google Webmaster Tools page, enter your email, and type the Web address of the site you want to submit in the text field. On the Bing Webmaster Tools page, click Submit Your Site to Bing in the right section under the Key Resources heading.

  3. Submit your site

    After verifying your account with Google, you can check your site's health for issues, make optimizations and learn how users can find your site easier. On Bing, type the URL of your home page in the text field, and type the characters from the box for verification. Click Submit, and select a Webmaster plan on the next page. You can also skip the plan and just submit your site.