How Do You Submit a Free Guideposts Prayer Request?

How Do You Submit a Free Guideposts Prayer Request?

A prayer request can be submitted from the Guideposts main page by clicking the "Request a Prayer" button. After clicking the "Request a Prayer" button, the box opens where users can enter their name, select a category from the drop- down box and enter details about their prayer request in the available text box. Prayer requests can be personal and kept private or made public before submitting them.

The Guideposts website offers a variety of spiritual and uplifting topics, including comfort and hope articles on financial empowerment, heaven and the afterlife, navigating through life changes, meaningful relationships and everyday miracles.

The positive living section offers inspiring entertainment, how to overcome negativity, paths to fulfillment and life purpose inspirations.

The faith in daily life section provides users information about the ministry, displays daily devotions, bible resources and the prayer page.

Guideposts prayer requests are given to a trained volunteer who prays by name and need. All prayers are kept confidential unless otherwise requested by the prayer requester. Prayers support is available 24 hours a day, every day.

Guideposts is a non-profit organization. The goal of the organization is to bring hope and inspiration to people all over the globe. The site offers uplifting articles, magazines, websites and books, as well as a prayer network and resources for outreach programs.