What Subjects Does Brainchild Teach?


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Brainchild teaches subjects such as language arts and math. Another subject that Brainchild teaches include science. Brainchild designs its programs for children in elementary and middle school.

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Users take a pretest to assess their knowledge while logged into Brainchild. Taking a pretest helps determine the level where the child should start. The language arts section of Brainchild helps the user become more skillful in that area by doing practice studies.

Registered users also can advance their math skills in focused areas, such as algebra. In the math section, users can also learn advanced topics such as algebra 2, geometry and statistics. For example, users can develop skills in scientific notation operation. Users also can get assistance with reading, vocabulary and writing at Brainchild.com. This help ensures that users learn a broad set of skills.

There is a science section where users can learn biology and chemistry. Students can learn a vast array of formulas for creating many items. In the biology section, users can virtually dissect different creatures in an interactive setting. Each section of Brainchild comes with tutorials, guides and helpful videos. Users also have online chat support and a toll-free number that they can call for additional help.

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