What Are Some Styles of Clover Security Cameras?


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Some models of Clover security cameras include the Clover Electronics CCM630P, the Clover z-670 and the Clover CCM636. The CCM630P is a simple color camera used for discreet CCTV surveillance. Though primarily intended for indoor use, this camera can work outdoors if placed in a location protected from the elements.

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The CCM630P works well in a wide variety of lighting levels. Roughly the size of a quarter, this product features a 0.33-inch sensor. The camera features back-light compensation for maximal video quality.

The Clover z-670 30x Zoom Camera uses auto focus for clear images and delivers 480 lines of video resolution. With a Sony chip set, this camera connects to televisions, monitors and DVRs with ease.

The CCM636 Ultra Miniature Color Camera records video with an image quality of 512 by 492 pixels, or 420 television lines. This discreet camera is optimized for monitoring commercial installations, such as warehouses, construction zones and parking facilities. Featuring a lightweight housing, this camera is relatively easy to install. The CCM636 records footage at up to 30 frames per second and can withstand temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius. This model uses charge-coupled device sensors for a video feed that is less susceptible to noise.

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