How Do You Get Free Stuff on EBay?

Get free stuff on eBay by logging into the site and looking in the free stuff category under eBay classifieds. The free ads are specific to your locality and feature a wide range of random products.

Most people know eBay as a premier auction site, but it also contains a dedicated sub-domain that offers people space to place their advertisements. To find free stuff, go to, and look for the free stuff category on the right sidebar. Click on the link, and scroll through the product offerings to find what you are looking for.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the free stuff category, consider logging into the main auction site and looking for new sellers. To build a reputation, some new vendors offer free products in exchange for positive feedback. Some sellers explicitly state these considerations in the auction. Search for the items you want, and look for offers from new sellers.

Alternatively, scroll through the main site and find losing auctions. If the seller listed the item in the losing auction for less than a dollar, it is likely that he wants to get rid of the item. Contact the seller, and offer to pay for shipping costs.