How Do Straight Talk Mobile Web Data Speeds Compare With the Major Carriers?


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Straight Talk mobile web and data speeds are comparable to those of major wireless carriers such as Verizon Wireless and AT&T, as of March 2015. However, Straight Talk maintains a stringent maximum data use policy that severely reduces speeds for heavy users.

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Straight Talk wireless has comparable data speeds to major carriers when using devices that operate on 4G LTE networks. This is partially due to Straight Talk leasing bandwidth from major carriers such as Verizon and AT&T, meaning Straight Talk phones are operating on exactly the same infrastructure as those major carriers.

This also means that the coverage area of Straight Talk service is essentially identical to those of major cell phone providers. However, actual coverage and data speeds vary from phone to phone, because different phone models have varying amounts of compatibility with the wireless networks employed by Straight Talk.

Heavy data users who exceed Straight Talk's cap of approximately 3 gigabytes per month experience reduced data speeds. This practice is known as throttling. Though throttling is used by almost every major wireless carrier, Straight Talk's throttled speeds are particularly low, with speeds reduced to only 64 kilobits per second from a potential 40 megabits per second under normal conditions.

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