What Stores Sell Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases?

What Stores Sell Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases?

Stores that sell cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 include Walmart, Target and Amazon.com, as of 2015. Walmart and Target sell the cases both in-store and online, while Amazon.com sells them exclusively online.

For Walmart and Target, in-store selection varies according to the store. Both companies allow customers to order items online for delivery or in-store pickup. Amazon.com allows customers to order products for delivery. To find cases on Walmart.com, Target.com or Amazon.com, customers should visit the site and perform a search for Samsung Galaxy S4 cases.

Cases are available for under $10, but high-end cases cost between $30 and $50. Features vary by case, but commonly include unique designs, an extra battery and protection from water. Some cases offer multiple color choices.

Heavy-duty cases that provide more protection tend to be bulkier. Waterproof cases usually withstand about 6 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. An extra battery also adds size to the case, but certain battery cases allow the user to remove the battery when it isn't necessary. Some of these batteries nearly double the phone's battery life.

Common materials used for phone cases include plastic, tempered glass and silicone. Cases that are designed for protection often have multiple layers.