What Stores Sell IPads?

What Stores Sell IPads?

Apple.com, Walmart.com, Target.com, Amazon.com and BestBuy.com are five stores that sell the Apple iPad. Apple, Walmart, Target and Best Buy sell the iPad online and in their physical retail stores, while Amazon.com only sells the iPad online.

Apple, the manufacturer of the iPad, sells all of the current models of the iPad through its website and retail stores, as of 2015. Apple's prices on the iPads do not typically change except during sales events.

Walmart.com sells iPads online and in retail stores, though the stock varies depending on the store. Customers can use Walmart's online stock checker to see if a particular iPad model is in stock at a nearby store. Like Walmart, Target sells iPads in store and online and has a stock checker as well. Its prices for iPads are comparable to Walmart's prices, though the exact stock selection varies between the two stores.

Amazon.com carries iPads that are sold both directly by Amazon and by third-party retailers. Prices for iPads vary depending on the merchant.

Best Buy sells the iPad through its physical stores for regular retail prices. On the BestBuy.com website, the iPad is sold both for retail price from Best Buy as well as for other prices from third-party merchants that list their wares on the website.