Which Stores Sell Dell Products?

Which Stores Sell Dell Products?

As of 2015, Dell products are sold at more than 20 retail stores in the United States and Canada, according to Dell.com. Some of the most recognizable retailers include Walmart, Staples, Best Buy and Sam’s Club.

Many stores that carry computers and electronics sell Dell products, including Costco, Micro Center, Sears, TigerDirect, CompUSA and Electronic Express. Customers should call the location first to check on product availability, which changes by location, advises Dell.com.

Customers can also purchase Dell products online from Dell’s website and other online retailers. Dell offers deeply discounted prices through an online store called Dell Outlet, where it sells refurbished PCs, products with cosmetic blemishes and previously ordered products that were returned unused. Outlet products come with the same warranties as new products.

Dell is a multinational computer technology company based in the United States. It sells laptops, desktops, monitors and printers, and offers a wide range of related computer products, including network servers, Ethernet switches and data storage systems. Dell also offers repair and support services.

The 2014 Forbes List named Dell one of the world’s 100 most-valuable brands and one of the top 500 best employers in the United States. Founded in 1984, Dell became the world’s third-largest supplier of PCs in 2014, behind Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo, states Forbes.com.