What Stores Sell 5-CD Stereo Shelf Systems?

What Stores Sell 5-CD Stereo Shelf Systems?

Stores that sell 5-CD stereo shelf systems include general merchandise retailers such as Walmart, Sears and Target, as well as superstores specializing in technology products such as Best Buy. Online outfits such as Overstock and Newegg also offer 5-CD stereo shelf units, some of which are factory reconditioned and marked down accordingly.

Walmart has a large selection of affordable electronics, including shelf units like the Sharp Mini-Component System, model number CD-DHS1050P, which features a 5-CD multiple play disc changer. It's priced at around $215 as of 2015.

At Sears, shelf units include models such as the RCA 5-Disc CD Audio Mini System, model number RS22162, for $85. Target also sells an RCA model, the 300 watt 5-CD Bluetooth Shelf Music System, model number RS-2867B. It retails for $150. Best Buy options include the Sharp 5-Disc Compact Stereo Two-Way Speaker System, model number CD-DH950P, which sells for $170.

Online retailer Overstock.com is another option for 5-CD shelf units. For example, it offers the same Sharp 5-Disc System as Best Buy for $35 less than the brick-and-mortar store's sticker price. According to the site, it is a refurbished, or factory-reconditioned, product.

Also online, Newegg.com features models such as Sony's high-end 5-Disc CD Changer Music System, model number LBT-ZX66i, for $800, and the RCA 5-Disc Changer Mini Audio System, model number RS22162S, for $100.