How Do You Stop Unwanted Emails?


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The best way to stop unwanted emails is to be smart about giving out a personal email address. Using a spam filter also reduces unwanted emails.

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  1. Avoid clicking on spam emails or links inside spam emails

    Deleting spam immediately helps reduce unwanted emails.

  2. Never buy anything from a spam email

    Buying from a spam email potentially compromises a personal computer. A virus, worm, trojan, spyware or ransomware could be embedded into the email causing multiple computer malfunctions as well as security breaches.

  3. Do not use the unsubscribe option in spam.

    Using the unsubscribe option in a spam email only increases unwanted emails as it lets spammers know that the email address is active.

  4. Use a disposable email address.

    When signing up to newsgroups or other miscellaneous groups, use a disposable email address to decrease unwanted emails from a main email address.

  5. Do not include a personal email address on a personal website.

    Adding an email address to a personal website invites spammers to use it. Use a web contact form instead to limit spam.

  6. Use Munging for writing email addresses on personal websites.

    Writing out an email address in full (a at b dot com) helps limit spam emails from reaching a personal inbox. Spambots search for a pattern (a@b.com) in order to attack personal email addresses.

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