How Do You Stop Spam Email?

How Do You Stop Spam Email?

One of the most successful ways to stop spam email is to report all spam that you receive to your email service provider. Common providers, such as Gmail, have an easily accessible spam button for that purpose. Use it consistently to see fewer spam messages over time.

  1. Identify spam emails in your inbox

    Some spammers are clever and make it difficult to differentiate spam from real email. One common form of spam is an email stating that you have won something. Unless you have recently participated in a sweepstakes, this is likely a scam. Also, many spam emails urge you to click on at least one link. If you are unsure of an email's source, avoid opening any links, and report the email as spam.

  2. Consistently report spam through the provided spam button

    Always report your spam rather than simply deleting it. Systems like Gmail learn from your submissions, so the more consistently you report, the less spam you receive.

  3. Periodically check and clear your spam folder

    Spam filters are typically good at what they do, but they occasionally filter out a legitimate email as spam. For this reason, briefly skim your spam folder before emptying it to avoid deleting important messages.