How Do You Stop Premium SMS Subscriptions?

How Do You Stop Premium SMS Subscriptions?

To stop premium SMS subscriptions, send a text message with the word "STOP" to the message provider, and contact your carrier to remove the charges. Premium SMS subscriptions are often abused by those attempting to promote scams or engage in fraudulent activities. Fortunately, unauthorized subscriptions can be stopped and prevented in a few minutes.

  1. Locate the premium SMS subscription on your phone bill

    Review a paper or electronic bill from your carrier that details the monthly service charges. Premium SMS subscriptions typically cost approximately $10 per month and provide various types of content, such as horoscopes, trivia questions or jokes by sending text messages on a daily basis.

  2. Text "STOP" to the premium SMS provider

    When your phone receives a message for a premium SMS subscription, the sender is typically identified by a three or five-digit number. Reply to the sender with the word "STOP" to prevent future messages.

  3. Contact your carrier to remove the charges

    Although sending a text message to the premium SMS provider may prevent future activity, there is a chance that you were still charged for the services during the current bill cycle. Call your provider to remove unauthorized charges from your bill. Additionally, many cell service providers have an option to block all premium SMS messages to prevent additional scams or fraud.