How Do You Stop Junk Email?


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To stop receiving junk email, download and install a spam-filtering application, such as Spamfence, Spamato or POPFile, and set up your email account to run through it. Alternatively, mark the unwanted messages as spam through the interface of the email service, and block the addresses of known spammers.

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Another way to prevent junk email is to use disposable email addresses that forward the messages to your main account, making it difficult for the spammers to obtain your primary address. This method requires you to immediately disable the disposable address that starts receiving junk email. Once you disable it, the email service bounces back the junk messages to the sender instead of forwarding them to your primary address. By keeping track of which disposable email address you used on specific websites, you can pinpoint the source of spam messages.

If you?re receiving junk email in your main account, use the filtering functionality provided by the email service provider. For example, Yahoo Mail lets you mark individual messages as spam or set up a blacklist of known sources of spam. It provides an option to prevent email messages from displaying content until you allow them, making it impossible for the spammer to confirm whether his messages are going through.

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