How Do You Stop Hackers?


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Individuals can prevent and stop hackers by keeping their passwords secret and periodically changing those passwords. Run a good antivirus software to prevent viruses that make it easy for hackers to enter the system.

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How Do You Stop Hackers?
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Other things people can do to prevent or stop hackers is to keep downloaded programs updated. This is especially important for shopping sites, blogs and forums as these seem to be the easiest for hackers to enter. When an update is available, install it as soon as possible.

Users should always remember to remove scripts from a machine that is not being used. Scripts make it easy for hackers to enter a system and, when not used promptly, tend to be forgotten. Download backup scripts and remove them from the server to avoid any mishaps.

Be sure to check file access and remove any writable permissions. Most users tend to stick with 755 or 644 permissions, but some occasionally use 777 permissions. Always delete file permissions ending in 7, 6, 3 or 2 as these are particularly easy for hackers to break into. Avoid all settings which allow world and group writing whenever possible.

When developing a password, write it down or save it to a plain text file. Come up with the most complex password possible and try to include at least two capital letters, at least one number and at least two symbols.

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