How Do You Stop Adverts From Popping up on a Computer?

How Do You Stop Adverts From Popping up on a Computer?

To stop adverts from popping up on the computer, change the browser settings, download and run anti-malware software or install third-party programs designed for the purpose of blocking such adverts. Using all the three techniques can be of greater effectiveness, as it is likely to get rid of more ads.

Here are the three basic ways for anyone to stop adverts from popping up on their computer:

  • Change the settings
  • Depending on the browser being used, navigate to the settings tab and change enable the pop-up blocker. The procedure for disabling adverts on Mozilla Firefox is not the same as disabling them on Chrome, so it is important to follow each browser's unique instructions for pop-up blocking.

  • Use third-party programs
  • Third-party programs, such as Adblock Plus, are available for free or for a reasonable one-time. These programs are downloaded and installed as an add-on to the browser being used. The program then works with the browser to block any pop up adverts on the page opened.

  • Run anti-malware software
  • Finding and running the latest anti-malware is a good way to ensure that a computer is not infected with malicious code. As some pop-up ads are caused by malware, removing it is the best way to stop the pop-ups from continuing, and to prevent harm to the computer.