What Are the Steps for Uploading Files Onto Your Computer?

What Are the Steps for Uploading Files Onto Your Computer?

Upload files onto your computer from a remote location by using a cloud storage service that syncs files automatically. OneDrive by Microsoft is a free application that is capable of doing so. Windows versions 8 and up include OneDrive as a part of the operating system. OneDrive is also available for Mac OS X for free as of 2015.

If using Windows 8 or 8.1, open a File Explorer window, right-click on OneDrive on the left, and then choose Make Available Offline. This instructs the application to download every file that you upload to your OneDrive account, regardless of your location or network. The setting is always on in Windows 10.

Windows displays the current status of the OneDrive folder by placing small icons on top of the folder. If there is a green tick, the computer has received all files. If there are two blue arrows forming a circle, it means that some files are still syncing. However, if there is a red error sign, there are files that cannot sync. Right-click the OneDrive icon in the tray area of the taskbar, and click View Sync Problems to see what is causing the problem.

If using a Mac computer, you first need to download the application from the Mac App Store. Once the installation is complete, OneDrive asks the user whether or not to sync. Turn the sync feature on.

With OneDrive set up on your computer, any file you upload to your OneDrive storage is also uploaded to your computer. You can either use an Internet browser and upload through the website or download the appropriate OneDrive application for your device.