What Are the Steps for Setting up a Canon Wireless Printer?

The steps to set up a Canon wireless printer include having an operational network, drivers for the printer installed onto the main computer in the network and adding the printer to the network through the setup settings in the printers menu with the network name and security password. Installing the printer to the computer can be done with the manufacturer's CD, by downloading the necessary drivers from the manufacturer's website or by allowing the operating system to automatically locate the drivers.

Most Canon wireless printers contain LCD control panels where the printer can be configured for the network that is within range. The instructions below show how to configure the Canon wireless printer and set it up on the network and how to install the printer to the computer using the manufacturer's setup CD.

  1. Go to the printer's setup
  2. Turn the printer on and press the "setup" button. On the printer's operational panel select "Wireless LAN Setup" and press "Ok."

  3. Select setup type
  4. Select "Easy Setup" from the available setup options and press "OK."

  5. Enter network information
  6. Select the network name from the access point options and click "OK." Enter the password for the Wi-Fi network selected within the operational panel and click "OK."

  7. Run the CD installation
  8. Insert the setup CD into the computer and click "Run Msetup4.exe" and click "Next." Follow the on-screen prompts, such as selecting the place of residence, country or region and then click "Easy Install."

  9. Select printer
  10. From the installation screen, select "Use the Printer on Network" option and click "Next." When the printer detection screen appears, click "Next" and select the printer from the list before clicking "Next" again.

  11. Complete setup
  12. Once the setup completion appears, click "Complete."