What Are the Steps to Set up an Everfocus DDNS?

What Are the Steps to Set up an Everfocus DDNS?

The steps involved in setting up an Everfocus DDNS include setting up the network menu, going to the company's website to check for an available name and entering the chosen name into the space provided. The whole process takes only a few minutes to complete and is easy enough for a novice to complete.

To begin, set up the network menu, making sure the DNS server is properly configured.

  1. Visit the website
  2. After setting up the network menu, visit the Everfocus website and check the availability of the desired name. This is an optional step, but one Everfocus strongly recommends. Please note that the DVR name cannot contain any special characters, dots or spaces. Only letters and numbers will work.

  3. Enter the DVR name
  4. Go to the DVR network menu and then DDNS. Choose "EverfocusDDNS" as the server and enter in the chosen DVR name.

  5. Register and update
  6. Once the DVR accepts the name, click on the "Register/Update" button. This will synchronize the DVR to the DDNS server. If the process is successful, the message "Success" will appear on the screen.

  7. Double check if necessary
  8. If any other message besides "Success" appears on the screen, double check the network settings and DDNS name. Resubmit until the "Success" message appears.