What Are the Steps to Take for Nextbook Registration?

To register a Nextbook, fill out and submit the electronic form on Nextbook USA's website. This form requires both customer information and proof of purchase. The registration form also provides the option to subscribe to Nextbook USA's mailing list and to offer feedback about the product.

The product registration page is accessible from the bottom of any page at NextbookUSA.com under the Support heading. Acceptable proof of purchase for the registration form includes an electronic receipt from an online purchase and a scan or photograph of a paper receipt. Retain these receipts after registration; you must submit them again with any warranty service claim. Nextbook USA does not service products sent in without proof of purchase, even registered products.

Nextbook products eligible for online registration include its full line of tablets. These tablets come in 7-, 8-, 10- and 11-inch sizes and offer both Windows 8.1 and Android operating systems. The 10- and 11-inch Nextbook tablets come with detachable keyboards, and Nextbook USA markets these machines as laptop alternatives.

Seven-inch Nextbooks are only available with the Android operating system, and 10-inch Nextbooks are only available with Windows 8.1. The 8- and 11-inch Nextbooks are available with either operating system. As of 2015, the 7-inch Android models use the KitKat version of Android. All other sizes of Android Nextbooks use the Lollipop version of the software.