What Are the Steps Needed to Install Cable TV Wire?


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Installing cable TV wire involves measuring, wire tracing and plugging the wire into both the sending unit and receiver. In-wall or ceiling installation involves cutting out a section of wall or ceiling and touch-up painting at completion.

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The first steps in cable wiring involve identifying the location and number of rooms, identifying the type of wire needed, and measuring for wire length. Owners have the choice of purchasing finished coaxial cable, which comes in specific lengths with attached fittings on each end or unfinished cable, which can be cut to any length and finished by the purchaser.

Cable that will not be installed behind the walls should be placed in areas where they will not present a safety hazard, such as along floorboards where they can be secured. Cut holes in walls or ceilings for in-wall installations. These installations must be done carefully so that the holes can be replaced and repainted after the wiring is completed. In-wall installations also require special attention to location, since the cable may cross the path of electrical wiring. It is important to maintain sufficient distance between cable and electric wires for both safety and performance, since running the cable wire too close to the electric wires can degrade performance.

Be sure to attach one end of the wire to the "out" connector on the video device and connect the other end to the "in" on the television or monitor.

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