What Are the Steps to Installing an Outdoor TV Antenna?


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The steps for installing an outdoor television antenna include choosing the appropriate model for the home and area, determining the direction of the broadcast tower, installing the mounting bracket, and testing the antenna to find the right positioning. The process concludes with securing the unit to the bracket, grounding the cable line to a grounding block and sealing any holes.

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Installing an outdoor television antenna begins with choosing the right type of antenna, which should factor in the size of the home, its location to the broadcast station and the type of terrain that falls in between the two. This ensures that the antenna is powerful enough to pick up the signal and display it clearly on the television. After choosing the antenna, collect tools such as screwdrivers a power drill and a caulking gun along with roofing screws and coaxial cable and heading up to the roof. Install the mounting bracket in a high, unobstructed portion of the roof and assemble the antenna.

Insert the antenna pole into the mounting bracket and run a line of cable into the home to test the reception. Position the antenna to obtain optimal reception, and then secure the pole to the mounting bracket. Drill a hole into the roof and run the coaxial cable inside, connecting it to a grounding block to protect the television from unexpected surges. Use the caulk to seal the hole on the roof and connect the cable to the television.

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