What Are the Steps to Getting Rid of an About:Blank Page?


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To get rid of an About:Blank page, manually insert the URL of the start-up page desired in the editing screen of the Home Page that is located in the Options configuration or Settings panel of the Web browser. If the About:Blank page flashes due to malware, use a malware scanner.

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To get rid of the About:Blank page on Internet Explorer, press the Alt-X button to open the Tools menu. Select Internet Options and click on the General tab. Select the Home Page section and type the URL of the desired start-up website in place of "about:blank." Click on Apply and then on Ok. Finally, restart the browser.

To remove the About:Blank page on Mozilla Firefox, first press Alt-T-O to go to the configuration panel of Firefox Options. Select the General tab, go to the Home Page section and type in the desired URL to replace "about:blank." Finally, press Ok to save the changes made.

To do away with the About:Blank page on Google Chrome, enter "Chrome://Settings" in the URL field and select Set Pages. From the list of Startup pages, click on "about:blank" and replace this field with the URL of the desired start-up website. Click on Ok to save the alterations.

If a malware has reset the browser's Home Page settings to About:Blank, scan the computer using a dependable malware scanner.

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