What Are the Steps for Creating a Free Nex-Tech Classified Listing?

To create a new listing on NexTechClassifieds.com, log into your account and click the Post a Listing link in the main navigation bar, and then enter a title, description and price into the ad fields along with your contact information. Upload any pictures or videos, choose a publish date and click the Finish button.

To publish an ad on NexTechClassifieds.com, you need to have a valid account with the site. To create an account, click the Sign Up link and provide your email address along with a password and username. Once you log into your account, click the Post a Listing button to initiate the publishing process. The basic ad format includes a short title and a longer description section. In both fields, be clear and concise about the product or service you are offering, with the body section containing more details. You can also enter the price of the item and the number of units if you have multiples of the same item.

The final step in this section is to choose the appropriate listing category, such as electronics or cars. Click Next to move to the picture and video upload pages. Pictures should be large and high resolution, showcasing the exact nature of the product. Don't use special effects to alter its appearance. Finally, choose the date on which you want the ad to go live and click Finish.