What Are the Steps to Clean a Laptop Keyboard?

Compressed air, miniature vacuums and alcohol are all options for cleaning a laptop keyboard of the accumulation of crumbs, hair and other particulates that can interfere with normal use. Fortunately, regular cleaning can prevent these problems and keeps the keyboard working error-free for the life of the laptop.

  1. Use compressed air to blow out debris

    With the laptop shut down, use a can of compressed air to blow out any loose debris from under the keys. The small tube provided with compressed air cleaners allows you to get in between the keys and direct the air across the keyboard base plate. Tilt the keyboard, or invert it, to allow crumbs and other particles to fall out as you work.

  2. Use a miniature vacuum for tough problems

    As an alternative to compressed air, or as an additional cleaning tool, a miniature computer vacuum helps remove hair, pet dander and other tough problems. Simply run the vacuum over the crevices between keys to suck out additional dust and debris.

  3. Clean the keys with alcohol

    While there are plenty of keyboard cleaning solutions on the market, you can do it yourself with isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs. Moisten the swab with alcohol, and run it around the surface of each key to clean the surface. Be careful when scrubbing the printed area of the key, as strong alcohol may damage the paint.