What Are the Stats on the Latest Intel Processor?


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Intel's most recent generation of processors as of July 2015 is codenamed Broadwell and encompasses products ranging from central processing units intended for tablets and notebooks to Xeon-series multicore server processors. The most powerful Broadwell processor intended for home use is the i7-5775R, a four-core CPU running at 3.8 gigahertz.

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Intel's Broadwell family of CPUs is the company's first generation of microprocessors fabricated using 14-nanometer lithography. This process allows Intel to further reduce the size of the semiconductor components on the chip itself, leading to higher performance and lower power consumption. For this reason, Broadwell processors were targeted towards laptops, ultrabooks and other mobile devices where power consumption is a major concern.

The architectural features of the Broadwell family are very similar to those of the Haswell processor family that immediately preceded Broadwell in Intel's design roadmap, as Broadwell is essentially an adaptation of the Haswell architecture from a 22-nanometer manufacturing process to a 14-nanometer one. Like Haswell, key features of the Broadwell architecture include HyperThreading and improved integrated graphics processors. HyperThreading allows each core of the processor to address two program threads simultaneously, allowing a four-core CPU to perform as if it had eight cores. Broadwell processors also feature additional video processing features to improve performance on high-definition and 4K video.

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