What Are Some Statement of Work Templates?


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Statements of work templates typically begin with a statement of a project's objectives and next outline its scope, including deliverables and a detailed description of steps to complete the work. A timeline with identified benchmarks, cost information and a narrative defining the key assumptions on which details of the project are based should follow. The final section of a statement of work should indicate the acceptance of the details of the project as presented by all involved parties.

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The project's objectives establish overall expectations and explain the project's importance. Outlining specific positions required to complete the work, identifying criteria for selecting staff and listing departments or outside resources to be consulted are among the types of information included in the scope of work section of the document.

Timelines are built based on the identified tasks and deliverables. For example, assuming research is required to complete a design manual, one section in the timeline is then labeled research and assigned a date by which it is to be completed. Subordinate tasks, listed underneath research, such as 1) draft survey to send to developers, 2) get survey approved and 3) distribute survey, indicate the tasks or steps required to complete the research, and each is assigned a projected completion date.

Identifying the assumptions upon which the statement of work is built is important so that all parties understand how a change in one of the underlying variables might impact the project, perhaps requiring a change in the timeline or a budget adjustment.

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