How Do You Get Started With a TomTom Device?

started-tomtom-device Credit: nmlfd/iStock/Getty Images

To get started with a TomTom navigation device, go to, select your country, click on the Get Started tab, and follow the instructions provided to install the software on your personal computer and update your device. You are ready to use the device when you install the software.

TomTom allows its users to register one navigation device for every TomTom account. When users purchase a TomTom device, they must open an online account, install the software on a computer, and link and update the device. The computer software enables users to update the device with maps and other important road information. The software also alerts users when new updates become available.

Before using the TomTom device on the road, hold the device outside the car and make sure you have a clear view of the sky. Hold the device until it finds GPS satellites and displays your current location. The device may take up to 45 minutes to find your location, according to If the device fails to find your location, you can file a claim through TomTom's website.

When the TomTom device finds your location, it displays current navigation information. This information includes updated maps and speed camera locations.