What Is Startec Global Communications?

What Is Startec Global Communications?

Startec Global Communications is a corporation in the United States that provides telephone, data and Internet services to ethnic consumers and companies in the United States. It also handles prepaid and long-distance communication services. Startec Global Communications also works with global Internet service providers and international long-distance carriers.

The company positions its global communications services as affordable and easy-to-use. It caters to ethnic users hoping to connect to communities in the Middle East, the Russian Federation and central Europe, the Pacific Rim, North and South America, and North Africa.

Startec's CellConnect service allows users to make long-distance calls from their cellphones or any other phone. This package is available on a prepaid or pay-as-you-go payment basis. Startec also offers a direct dial service that disregards the need for access numbers or PINs when calling from a user's home phone. This service includes a CellConnect package for free.

Startec Global Communications provides its services through resale arrangements, a network of rented and owned facilities, and termination and operating agreements. The company assets include ownership in undersea fiber optic cables, a wide network of IP gateways, domestic switches and international gateways.

Founded in 1989, Startec Global Communications is based in Rockville, Maryland and operates as a subsidiary under AmericaTel Corporation.