How Do You Start Windows in Safe Mode?

How Do You Start Windows in Safe Mode?

Microsoft Windows can be started in safe mode by first swiping from the right side of the screen to access settings, followed by change PC settings, where update and recovery can be selected followed by restart now under advanced startup options. Restarting, then choosing the appropriate option in the startup menu allows the user to start Windows 8 in safe (or recovery) mode.

Accessing safe mode is slightly different when using Windows 8 compared to previous versions. As a result, there are alternative approaches that can be used in addition to the above method:

  1. Locate and run msconfig
  2. Go to the start screen, and type msconfig followed by enter. Choose and run system configuration from the search results.

  3. Selecting safe mode
  4. Click on the boot tab, then in the bottom right corner, under boot options, check the tick box for safe mode. There are also options here for various safe mode startup configurations, with minimal being the most generally applicable choice.

A further option is also available. At the Windows login screen, press restart while holding the shift key, which will take the user to the troubleshooting screen where safe mode can be selected.

In general, Windows 8 will automatically detect any problems with the system and automatically take the user to recovery mode when restarted, although sometimes manually entering safe mode may be required.