How Do You Start a Successful Fashion Blog?


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To start a successful fashion blog, first create a defined purpose and posting schedule. Invest in a stylish design and quality photo equipment, and start blogging. Promote your posts through social media to gain more readers.

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  1. Define the purpose of the blog

    Identify the purpose of your blog. Decide whether you want to post daily outfits, show affordable versions of runway clothes, or offer styling tips. Come up with a list of at least 52 posts, which equates to one per week for a year, to ensure that your idea is viable.

  2. Create a blog title

    Write a title for your blog. Choose a title that gives readers the idea of the spirit and content of your blog. If you plan to allow content to evolve, select a non-specific title.

  3. Select a blogging tool and layout

    Choose a blogging tool that works with your level of expertise. For an option that requires little knowledge of HTML, opt for a tool like Blogger or Wordpress. Select a layout, looking for one that works well with photos.

  4. Write and release posts

    Develop a realistic posting schedule, and start blogging. Create posts that have a mixture of photos and content. Invest in quality photography equipment, and find someone to take photos.

  5. Market your blog

    Market your blog to get more readers. Create accounts on photo-friendly social media websites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Promote each post, and invite your followers to read your blog.

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