How Does Starfall Help Children Learn to Read?


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Starfall teaches the basics of reading in a simple way using phonics games and interactive books. The service interacts with parents and educators, and it provides a fun learning environment for preschoolers, early elementary students and English language learners.

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Starfall offers free and low-cost resources in a child-safe, advertisement free environment. Although the service follows a systematic structure, it encourages unrestricted play and exploration that helps children learn from curiosity. When clicked, the words sound out audibly, facilitating vocabulary comprehension. Starfall advises parents and educators to read, discuss and ask questions alongside their children as well as to motivate their interest.

Free online resources include games such as ABCs, which helps learners understand the link between sounds and letters, and Learn to Read, which involves interactive books that encourage children to form words using vowel sounds. Another game, It's Fun to Read, explores different genres, such as art and poetry, while expanding reading ability and verbal understanding. Free downloadable resources are also available.

Starfall annual membership for parents and educators offers more games, songs and math activities. The service also provides integrated curriculum products that include the arts, sciences and social studies while incorporating creative play. Other products, such as the Phonics Puzzle Set, focus on learning vowel sounds, while the Starfall Speedway board game helps children learn to read letters and words as they race on the speedway.

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